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it means you need help finding the words to tell your story.
We help ambitious companies like you, become better storytellers and storysellers.
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We help you turn complicated ideas into digestible, tasty nuggets of knowledge, and inspire your audience to take action, change their behaviour, transform organizations, and tell others what they’ve learned.
Copeland Creative
How do we do it?
Before we even start writing, we think about your tone of voice and value proposition to create content that represents your brand.

We infuse connection, relevance, and urgency into every word we craft. And we do this with soul, emotional depth, and the agility of a human writer, so you don't sound like generative AI.
Our carefully crafted narratives serve as a Trojan Horse, seamlessly transporting your message wherever it needs to go—digital or offline—to engage and persuade your audience with ease.
Copeland Creative is
That's me — a recovering radio presenter, hip-hop DJ, and multi-skilled conceptual writer, thinker, and persuader who thrives on solving creative problems. 
I write words that sizzle, snap, and pop in crystal clarity and with oodles of personality for virtually any vertical.

From button-down business to casually personal, my style is flexible and jargon-free.
Alison Copeland
When you work with me, you can expect a refreshing and captivating tone of voice that breathes life into your message.

You'll benefit from more than 15 years of writing and editing experience and unlock top-tier agency expertise without sacrificing your budget.
Story Spinner. Idea Wrangler. Verb Hurdler
If you’re
We’re a great fit!
An entrepreneur or CEO who breaks the rules
A talented individual in entertainment, culture, and sport
An ambitious Canadian company looking to make their mark
A forward-thinking brand that wants to stand out from the competition
An international business ramping up its global reach
An internal marketing team seeking a partner to amplify its messaging
Who do I work with?
Blog Writing
Email & Newsletters
Radio, Video & Podcast Scriptwriting
Website Copy
Ads come in all shapes and sizes, but people would rather be doing something else than reading your ad. If you want to turn heads, ignite curiosity, and leave a lasting impression in the face of overwhelming distractions, you need captivating headlines, snappy copy, and the power to convey your message in a few short lines.

We'll help you harness the potential of your Google ads, banner ads, Facebook ads, Google Display ads, and PPC ads, ensuring every penny spent is worth its weight in gold.
Blogging is the ultimate hack to effortlessly infuse your website with fresh, optimized content on a regular basis. Embraced by search engines, it not only showcases the current and well-tended nature of your website but also prevents it from fading into obscurity.

If you need blog posts that are expertly crafted, meticulously researched, and irresistibly enticing to drive visitors to your website, look no further, because your quest ends here.
When it comes to crafting brochures, you want to stop readers in their tracks, grab their attention, and leave them wanting more.

That's what we strive for, ensuring every word leaps off the page and resonates with your readers. With a carefully curated blend of persuasion and storytelling, we'll make your brochure a magnet for new customers, clearly articulating the benefits of your product or service.
Emails and e-newsletters are great ways to drive traffic to your website and cultivate unbreakable connections. But without a captivating subject line, your message remains lost in the abyss.

At Copeland Creative, we understand the power of a great subject line and informative, well-written, bite-size stories that are easy to scan, digest, make your objections known, and explain why.
Most businesses spend months or years floundering in audio anonymity before getting their podcast, radio, or video reel right. Don't be that company. A well-written multimedia script that cuts through the clutter, builds your authority, and hits home with your ideal customers is a must.

Whether it's a catchy jingle or a riveting monologue, we'll equip you with the tools to break through the noise, captivate listeners, and inspire them to take action, no matter where they roam, be it behind the wheel, at the gym, or even on their invigorating morning run.
If you want your website to perform well in search engines, employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This helps provide web-crawling search engine robots, like Google's GoogleBot, Bing's BingBot, or Yahoo's Slurp, with crystal clear insights into the essence of your webpage. But do the keyword research first, then hire an SEO copywriter before you design and build your website.

We'll help you skillfully write human-made SEO keywords, everything from compelling headings (H1, H2) to captivating page titles (at the top of the page) and engaging meta description tags (those enticing snippets showcased on the search engine results page), as if it were custom-tailored for Google. We’ll also ensure they’re in the right places and frequencies across your web page.
You've got three seconds to captivate your reader. So, make your first impression count. Ensure your benefits are crystal clear, ditch the self-promotion, and embrace conversational copy.

At Copeland Creative, you’ll get bite-sized benefit-driven chunks of copy that are effortlessly digestible. That means, short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs on each page, in an appropriate tone of voice for your customer.

And here's a professional tip: First, nail down your web content. Then, bring aboard a talented web designer. Already have the design sorted. No problem. We’ll meet you where you’re at.
of our work to see the quality and versatility we bring to each project.
K Paul Architect
Website refresh
We delivered 16 pages of SEO-optimized web content in under four days, working alongside information architects, UX professionals, and web developers and earning recognition for our efforts. The result is a beautiful site that appeals to its target audience.
ADVANCE Music Canada
Documentary voice over script
We created the voice over script, radio teasers, questions, episode descriptions, and marketing content for Seasons 1 and 2 of AMPLIFY, a podcast and visual docuseries dedicated to sharing the stories and experiences of Canada's most prominent Black voices in entertainment, which caught the attention of Apple, Spotify, and Global TV. 
BDO Canada
Interactive infographic
We led the creative for this interactive six-point strategic roadmap that encourages not-for-profit board members to self-identify organizational pain points and match them to a viable solution from a toolkit of PDF downloadable resources. Within days of launching, the campaign attracted 802 unique visitors and 918 unique page views, with an average of 5 minutes and 17 seconds spent on each page and more than 97 downloads. 
CBC Music
Glimpse the vast spectrum
We interviewed Canadian hip-hop duo and Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees Dream Warriors. We also wrote the article, 5 things you need to know about Dream Warriors' debut album, as part of CBC Music's 25 best Canadian debut albums ever series.
Ford Motor Company
Video voice over script
We collaborated with Makerhouse, a specialized creative production house in the Hogarth Worldwide network, to create the voice over script for this 60-second personalized video targeting new buyers of the Ford Bronco Sport.
What do clients
“We brought Alison onto our content marketing team as a content marketing specialist just before the pandemic turned our worlds upside down. Her strategic input into content assets for complex campaigns and her amazing eye for detail brought praise from our marketing colleagues and firm subject matter experts.”
Alison Drover-Swift
National Senior Manager, Content Marketing — Brand & Operations, BDO Canada
"Having Alison on your creative team is a game-changer. She consistently delivers high-quality, innovative content that resonates with your target audience, and she knows how to play nicely with others. I've been blown away by her ability to pull out all the stops and deliver exceptional results on projects for major brands like Workday, IBM, and Ford Motor Company."
Lara Horowitz
Creative Director, Hogarth Worldwide
“As a Senior Copywriter on our team, Alison played a vital role in supporting our creative output and delivering materials to our clients, with winning results. Her ability to focus on the creative task and approach it through different perspectives consistently delivered insights that answered our client’s ask in fresh ways.”
Andrew McKenzie
Associate Creative Director, Accenture